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Extremely articulate, Jeanne is a highly motivated individual, consistently exhibiting a professional attitude towards the graphic communications industry, and her own individual efforts. With an absolute sense of deliberate urgency, Jeanne pursues every stage, of every project she’s faced with.
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Along with her creative abilities and technical skills, her interpersonal skills are an example for other students in our program to follow. Our faculty continues to be impressed with Jeanne’s personality and energy. She is a reliable source of insight through both formal and informal critique processes.
chris brzynski
From the get go, Jeanne’s graphic design work has been created at a professional level. Everything she works on along with her entire graphic design process from research to final, has shown exquisite attention to detail. She is able to bring initial sketches to life that show an amazing level of creativity.
Joel Skaja
Over the past two short years I have had the privilege of mentoring Jeanne as one of my students at MATC in the Graphic Design program. Jeanne’s creative process consists of ambitious research and unique creative concepting followed by a dedication to perfection while weaving in her remarkable ability to craft whatever is needed to further elevate the quality of her work. In every step of her process her quirky sense of humor and magnetic personality make her a joy to be around and excited for the next opportunity to work with her.
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kate den dooven
Jeanne led the design and completion of our 84 page recognition event booklet. She led the effort to produce this booklet both by developing many of the pages with actual content our group (NCWIT-WI) provided and by using her excellent project management skills to organize other class members to complete various segments of this large tome. I would certainly recommend her for any position that required excellent digital graphic design work, that required project management skills as well as a very pleasant, efficient and timely responsiveness to the customer.
joe kmoch