Jeanne Salmon



Making Cool Shit since 1986

I am Jeanne Salmon, an award winning graphic designer and crafty night owl.

A world traveler and lover of the outdoors, I always seem to be crafting or making something, no matter where I am. My two older rescue dogs are my favorite studio collaborators, and my biggest cheerleaders. I am deeply inspired by vintage and antique design, and have a growing collection of advertising ephemera. I enjoy hand making my own photo props for graphic design projects, and finding effective, collaborative, and creative solutions when problem solving.

My mantra is simple: love life, travel far.

Beehive Candles: Package Design and Rebrand

AWARDS: United Adworkers The 99 Awards- Student Gold 2022; GDUSA American Package Design Award, 2023

Trekking the World Game: Multi-Media Campaign
Nana's Christmas Cookie Cookbook: Heirloom Gift
Kellner Greenhouses: Historical Poster Series
Globe Electric: DuoBright Light Bulb Packaging

AWARD: GDUSA American Graphic Design Award, 2023

Bull's Snack Sticks: 4 Package Designs and Rebrands

AWARD: GDUSA American Package Design Award, 2024


A wide range of graphic design and marketing services are available to fit the needs of your business or personal endeavors. From one-off projects to multimedia campaigns, even event design, I would love to chat about your ideas!

Dimensional and packaging design
print media
publication layout
printed brand collateral & ephemera
branding and rebranding
social media & web advertising
web & Email Design
motion graphics
salmon design co.

Handcrafted Goods

I have always loved crafting and hand making home decor, bespoke gifts, and custom boxes; it has fueled my philosophy of, “why buy something when I can make it myself?” The evolution of my crafty hobbies ultimately led to my career in graphic design, and has become very useful and enjoyable while making photo props used in my projects. It’s so fun!

A mix of personal projects and paid work, the following gallery represents the crafty arm of my business and my brain. Crafting is my love language, and heavily influences how I design.

Meet Jeanne Salmon

I didn’t find Graphic Design until later in life, but I’m so glad to be here! I’ve had many jobs over the years that have taken me to many incredible places. From environmental and experiential non-profit management to hospitality and tourism, these experiences shape my world view and my design style. 

I spent years cramming creativity into roles that didn’t require it, and am glad I finally followed my heart and passions into the creative industry. Better late than never, eh? 

I am a proud Milwaukee Area Technical College and Americorps alumna, and a hardworking Midwesterner. To learn more about my professional journey, please see my resume. Thank you!


What Folks Are Saying

Extremely articulate, Jeanne is a highly motivated individual, consistently exhibiting a professional attitude towards the graphic communications industry, and her own individual efforts. With an absolute sense of deliberate urgency, Jeanne pursues every stage, of every project she’s faced with.
From the get go, Jeanne’s graphic design work has been created at a professional level. Everything she works on along with her entire graphic design process from research to final, has shown exquisite attention to detail. She is able to bring initial sketches to life that show an amazing level of creativity.
Joel Skaja
Along with her creative abilities and technical skills, her interpersonal skills are an example for other students in our program to follow. Our faculty continues to be impressed with Jeanne’s personality and energy. She is a reliable source of insight through both formal and informal critique processes.


Drop me a line! I would love to talk about your project needs.