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Globe Electric Light Bulb Packaging

Award winning retail packaging for two pack of LED lightbulbs.


Globe Electric

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Case Study Goals

Design a retail package for the Globe DuoBright 2-pack light bulbs.

Box With A View

This packaging case study for DuoBright plays on the dual toned light cast from these adjustable LED lightbulbs. When closed, the globe of the bulb on both sides of the box is diecut to reveal a lighthouse scene shining over a still mountain bay. As the inner sleeve of the package slides out, the scene passes through the cut out, fading into day or night depending on which direction it is pushed. It was designed to bring a bit of imagination, wonder, and life to the otherwise drab and fairly uniform lightbulb aisle.

Easter Egg on Bottom of Inner Sleeve: “‘Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all others were making ships.’ -Charles Simic” On the other flap is the latitude and longitude of the magical Tourlitis Lighthouse in Greece, a place I hope to visit.

My Process

The process I used for this project including the client brief, sketches, rough comps, prototypes, and moodboards shown below.


Two moodboards for the Globe lightbulb packaging project.


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