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Pants Fish Studio Mugs

Original ceramic mug designs and accompanying retail packaging.


Pants Fish Studio

Project Type

Product Design

Case Study Goals

Design a ceramic mug package for an Etsy shop or designer of your choosing. I chose to make my own mug designs for my crafty brand, Pants Fish Studio.

The Oh Shit Collection

This series of ceramic mugs and packaging was created as a case study for my crafty brand, Pants Fish Studio. The 3 mug series is called the “Oh Shit Collection,” and it features characters in funny situations saying the phrase “Oh Shit.” It was a unique opportunity and I’m glad I took it!

Being my own client for this case study, I was free to do whatever the fork I wanted, and I wanted to let my style shine. Through a thorough discovery process, I landed on a design that would create an environment for the mugs to be displayed in, a place for these characters to live, and I turned the packages into mini art galleries, complete with red velvet ropes and ornate frames. I love a good limerick, and decided to write one for each of the characters, printed on the outside of the package beneath a portrait of them. Enjoy!

Wizard Bitbit

There once was a Wizard named Bitbit,
Who practiced magic then quit it.
He tried one last time,
To bring the skeleton to it’s prime,
When the dancing wouldn’t cease he said “oh shit.”

Skeleton Steve

There once was a skeleton called Steve,
Just a pile of bones, so naive.
The Wizard Bitbit cast a spell,
But it didn’t go very well,
And now we can’t get Steve to leave.

Lobster Paul

There once was a Lobster called Paul,
Who was trying to hitch a ride to the mall.
He came across a diver one day,
Who was going the right way,
So he clamped on and said, “Thanks y’all!”

Deep Sea Dan

Deep Sea Dan was more confused by the minute,
Coming up with explanations to fit it.
When the lobster said, “My name is Paul,
And I need a ride to the mall,”
Dan blinked a few times and said, “Oh shit.”

The Klutzy Kitty

There once was a kitty named Zissou,
Who explored the house like an avenue.
Up and down he went through the space,
“Oh shit,” he knocked over that vase,
And now he’s bouncing away like a kangaroo.

The Flowers

There were some nice flowers on the sill,
Minding their own business, being still.
That silly kitty tore through,
AHHHHH they need a rescue!
Hopefully the human will notice they spilled.

My Process

Learn a little more about me in the client brief. This document also includes sketches, rough comps and prototypes.


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