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PacSafe Multimedia Campaign

Poster, billboard, and magazine ad for travel gear company.


PacSafe Travel Gear

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Case Study Goals

Using the creative concepting process, create a multimedia print campaign with three advertisements in two weeks from start to finish.

PacSafe Backpacks and Bags

Pacsafe is a secure travel gear brand that practices what they preach by working to protect wildlife that is adversely affected by tourism and globalism in general. Pacsafe offers a number of patented features to deter would-be thieves, providing peace of mind while on the road.

As an avid world traveler, and past user of their products, I only had to dig into my own experiences and memories to find the inspiration for this campaign. Inside one of the best hostels in the world, Good Karma Hostel, in Jogjakarta, Indonesia has a surf board painted with the phrase, “Come as a guest, leave as a friend.” This sentiment and their hospitality have always stuck with me, and morphed to the tagline for the campaign, “A STRANGER IS JUST A FRIEND YOU HAVEN’T MET YET.”

Poster and Billboard

The goal of this design is to feature travelers on their way to the next adventure, and to show PacSafe’s product line. I wonder, do you see yourself as the traveler, or do you see the traveler as someone you haven’t met yet? Those who have lived on the road before know that a random person on a bus can become a lifelong friend (Hi Melissa!), and this campaign aims to capture that sentiment. Strangers don’t have to be scary.

Magazine Ad

In the midst of a stride, we see a traveler on the move with his PacSafe backpack. He seems confident and approachable, unafraid of carrying his valuables with him. He may be a stranger now, but after a walk through the city he may become a new friend. He looks like he’s down for a good adventure.

Bali: 9 Tips for Budget Backpacking

In an attempt to create more believable mockups, I wrote this snippet based on a blog post from my travels. I took this photo while in Bali, and love using my travel photos as stock images.


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