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Entertainment Posters

Promotional poster case studies for three different events.


Uhh Yeah Dude Podcast
Lovebox Music Festival
The English Beat

Project Type

Promotional Posters

Case Study Goals

Throughout the course of several classes, poster designs were assigned with a variety of technical skill requirements and outcomes. They included use of color, texture, pattern, and hand drawn elements.

Uhh Yeah Dude Live Podcast

Uhh Yeah Dude is a podcast hosted by Jonathan Larroquette and Seth Romatelli, started in 2006. This poster plays with texture and pattern to create a dynamic portrait of the hosts with nods to inside jokes from the podcast.

Lovebox Music Festival

Lovebox is a London, UK one-day music and culture festival. The arcade game poster is an homage to the legacy and crossover of video games and electronic music which is represented at the festival. This colorful dance party is back post-pandemic, and is not to be missed.

The English Beat

The English Beat, a British ska band from Birmingham, England, and is known for their logo image and patron saint, the Beat Girl. She became the focus of this case study poster, promoting the English Beat’s world tour in 2022. The Beat Girl keeps the rhythm and music alive around the globe even after all these years.


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