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Day2 Dry Wash Spray Campaign

A multimedia campaign including posters, magazine ads, and social media content.


Day2 Dry Wash Spray

Project Type


Case Study Goals

Use the creative concepting process to design a campaign that uses three types of media. Challenge- do not prominently feature the product in the advertisements.

What would you do with an extra hour?

What would you do with an extra hour? This advertising case study encourages the mind of the viewer to wonder about all the things they could do if they spend less time on laundry by using Day2 Dry Wash Spray. Scenes of common hobbies and activities are featured front and center to draw passersby in to take a closer look.

While this product is now defunct, this case study was an excellent example of taking an average, ordinary, generally “pretty boring” product and creating an enticing campaign. Going through the full concepting process yielded unexpected results, and an opportunity to hand craft and photograph a series of photo props for the project. So, what would YOU do with an extra hour?

Street Level Posters

This campaign was designed to make viewers lean in to pour over the details of the posters. The posters are placed at transit stops where people have more time to contemplate what they might do with an extra hour. The word tile game provides plenty of ideas for things we would all rather be doing than laundry.

Magazine Ads

Transferring well to the print medium, the posters grace right page ads across a variety of female leaning publications such as home and garden, organizing, hobby craft, and celebrity news magazines. I knitted these miniature sweaters, which measure roughly 4″ tall.

Social Media Content

Keeping in the theme of things you’d rather be doing besides laundry, this humorous social media content pokes fun at our busy lives and the hobbies we wish we had time for. With occasional exceptions, laundry is intentionally not shown. I knit this hat for my dog and photographed him wearing it. Adorable!


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