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Kinetic Type Travel Video

Kinetic type video created using my own footage from traveling.


Salmon Design Co.

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Case Study Goals

Create a 30 second kinetic type video to a song of your choosing with royalty free video clips, in this case my own personal footage. Use a variety of tools in After Effects.

A Love Letter to Travel

When given the challenge to create a kinetic type video, matching written lyrics with a song, I took it as an opportunity to dig into my video archives for footage from my travels. I chose the song, “Only the Wild Ones,” by the band Dispatch, and set out to find footage that would tell the story of the song. This video became a love letter to traveling, and to my husband, two of my favorite things. This project is especially near and dear to my heart, one I am so glad that I made!

Videography and Art Direction by Jeanne Salmon

Only the Wild Ones



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