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Bay View Bark Rebrand

Rebrand of small doggy daycare including logo, staff uniforms, and more.


Bay View Bark

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Case Study Goals

Create a full rebrand and style sheet for this local dog daycare. Include logo, iconography, photography style, building interiors and exteriors, and other brand collateral.

Bay View Bark: Happy Dogs 24/7

Doggy day cares are a rapidly growing market, especially post pandemic when many people have returned to the office. This rebranding case study for Bay View Bark in Milwaukee, WI sets them apart with a playful new balloon dog logo and updated slogan, “Happy Dogs 24/7.” A blue based and a pink based color scheme is used.

The rebrand encompasses all parts of the doggy day care, including the lobby interior, staff uniforms, building signage, and gift shop merchandise. The base balloon dog logo is used to differentiate different parts of the business with a small symbol to accompany the logo; for example, the grooming spa has little bubbles, the night staff have a moon. It brings the playful nature of dogs into the brand.


The heart of this design is my own happy dogs who love nothing but fun and playing. Embodying the essence of joy that dogs bring was very important to me in the design.

New Logo and Imagery

Giving Bay View Bark a new logo and identity was important step in giving the doggy daycare center a makeover. The use of a balloon dog (sorry Jeff Koons, you don’t own that one!), one of the purest and most fun depictions of a dog, has become their logo, and variations of the dog in play are used throughout.

Staff Uniforms

An update to the staff uniforms was in order, giving employees t-shirts specific to their department, denoted on the back with a unique icon to accompany the dog. For example, the Day Shift staff have a little sun in their emblem.

Building Makeover

Along with the interior of the kennel, the exterior has been given a spruce up with a new sign and the introduction of large decals placed on the tinted windows on the front of the building. Adding some color to the exterior of the building makes it more eye catching as people pass by.

10 Second Video Advertisement

A short and sweet video to show off both the services offered by Bay View Bark, but also the silly, playful nature of dogs.

My Process

Walk through my process in the rebranding of Bay View Bark, including a client brief, moodboards, sketches, comps, and a style sheet, and a ton of super cute dogs.


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