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Beehive Candles Packaging

Award winning packaging design for tea light candles.


Beehive Candles

Project Type


Case Study Goals

Rebrand for Beehive Candles, including design of packaging and dielines for their most popular product, the 6-pack Natural Beeswax Tea Light Candles.

Matchbox Style Packaging

Created as a rebranding case study for Beehive Candles of Maple Falls, WA, this 6-pack tea light candle packaging has a hidden surprise; it includes matches and honeycomb shaped strike surfaces. Paying homage to matchbox art of yore, the sliding drawer package uses antique typefaces and imagery to embody the traditional methods used by Beehive to make their candles. It was intentionally designed to be produced in-house if desired, keeping with Beehive’s locally handcrafted mission and mentality.

United Adworkers: The 99 Awards

2022 Student Gold Winner

GDUSA 60th Package Design Awards

2023 Student Winner


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