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Trekking the World Multimedia Campaign

Multimedia advertising campaign for travel based board game Trekking the World.


Trekking the World Board Game
Underdog Games

Project Type

Multimedia Campaign

Case Study Goals

Create a multimedia advertising campaign for a Kickstarter project of your choosing. In a subsequent class, digital advertisements were added.


Using the game art, created by artist Charlie Bink, these posters seek to inspire excitement and wonder, drawing players to this travel based board game. The colorful artwork is eye catching, and stands out in urban areas these posters would be placed. A total of 6 posters were created for this campaign.

Magazine Ad & Direct Mailer

Breaking away from the style used in the posters, this magazine ad and direct mailer focus on the artwork. The direct mailer features a manufacturers coupon. The article on the left page of the magazine ad was written and photographed by me.

Roll Over Ad (Below)

Digital Advertisements

Featuring a variety of sizes and both vertical and horizontal orientations, this series of web banners covers the gamut. A roll-over graphic and animated GIF bring the images from the game to life.

Artwork by Charlie Bink

15 Second Web Ad

Created as a way to drive traffic to Underdog Games’ Amazon store, this 15 second advertisements uses animated still images from the game to bring the artwork to life, enticing viewers to try the game.


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