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Love Life, Travel Far Videos

A series of short video compilations edited to music from my travels abroad.


Love Life, Travel Far

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Travel Video Overview

Armed with a GoPro and a desire to capture our adventures, these videos are were created to share with anyone who might be interested in seeing how beautiful the world truly is. See the world through my eyes in this 5 part video series.

Videography by Jeanne Salmon

Episode 1: New Zealand

Hop in the camper van and enjoy the roads of New Zealand with our first travel video. From the awe-inspiring sheer cliffs of Milford Sound (a fjord!) to the sun-drenched fields of Arthur’s Pass, come camping in the most New Zealand famous way, by camper van!

Videography by Jeanne Salmon

Episode 2: Indonesia

We’re back with another travel montage! This time our adventures take us to the islands of Indonesia. Beginning with Bali, boating to Gili Air, and finally bus/ferrying to Java, we explore cities large and small, jungle forests, ancient temples, rice terraces, and hidden beaches, all while making friends along the way. Join us as we walk, moto, and swim our way through the magical archipelago of Indonesia!

Videography by Jeanne Salmon

Episode 3: Malaysia

Join us as we explore all Malaysia has to offer. From bustling Kuala Lumpur, to historic Penang, and north to the tropical island of Langkawi, we will give you a peak into the wonders this country has to offer. Night markets, temples, Chinese New Year, and more, come see the world with us!

Videography by Jeanne Salmon

Episode 4: Thailand

Starting in sun-soaked Phuket we hit the beaches and wriggled our toes in the sand. From Phuket, we ferried our way around the Andaman Sea off the coast of Southwestern Thailand to the famous Koh Phi Phi and the not-as-well-know Koh Lanta. Along the way, we took long-tailed boat rides around limestone karst-encrusted islands, swam with sharks and turtles, made friends from across the globe, and discovered hidden beaches along the way. Heading north to Bangkok, we visited temples, took a bike tour in the Western Kanchanaburi Provence, and checked out the floating markets. Thailand translates to “Land of Smiles” for a reason, it’s worth a visit!

Videography by Jeanne Salmon

Episode 5: South and Central America

This video is more or less a few seconds per day during our 6 month travels in South and Central America. Beginning in Peru, we made our way overland through Equador and Colombia. We then flew to Panama, traveled north to Costa Rica, and our plans to visit Nicaragua were cancelled due to civil unrest, so we flew to Guatemala instead. From there we took a van to Belize, and departed for Mexico by boat. Due to the cancellation earlier, we had the pleasure of revisiting Guatemala and Costa Rica briefly again on our way home. Can’t wait to go back for the next adventure!

I would also like to say I’M SO SORRY MUCH OF THIS IS FILMED IN PORTRAIT. Lesson learned. Won’t happen again!

Music: “La Bamba Rebelde” by Las Cafateras


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