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Nana’s Christmas Cookie Cookbook

Heirloom cookbook created as a gift for family.


Pat Heinritz

Project Type

Book Layout
Food Styling

Heirloom Gift

When the idea arose to compile the recipes of my grandmother-in-law, I took it as an opportunity to Creative and Art Direct a 64 page homage to a wonderful woman who has baked roughly 12 million cookies over the years. Using Nana’s wrapping paper, ornaments, and famous tree-shaped cookie platter, this cookbook embodies her spirit and style, and allows her recipe collection to be enjoyed for many years to come. 

In a last minute decision as I was standing in the print shop placing my order, I decided to go with a spiral binding rather than using a perfect bound spine. A spiral book is much more practical in the kitchen, and it was the right choice. The cover uses a UV coating to give the tree and type a wonderful texture.

Baking all the cookies for this book, and figuring out the yields of each recipe took weeks, but the payoff was worth it. Who knew I like to bake? The real icing on the cookies, so to speak, was the lovely forward written by my husband to his family. And most importantly, Nana couldn’t be more pleased. Cheers to you, Nana Pat!


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