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Slow Travel Magazine + Kraken Rum Ad

Fictional travel magazine cover design with rum advertisement and article spread.


Slow Travel Magazine
Kraken Rum

Project Type


Case Study Goals

Create a fictional travel based magazine cover using at least two images. Design a magazine ad for Kraken Rum to promote their limited edition coffee rum.

Slow Travel Magazine

Step into the Slow Travel life, where we take the scenic route. When given an assignment to do a magazine case study, I took it as an opportunity to create a magazine about the way I like to travel, featuring places I enjoyed visiting, and showcasing photographs from my adventures. The article titles are based on my own experiences, which makes this cover very near and dear to my heart.

Kraken Rum Advertisement

As Kraken Rum embraced a new identity with a recent rebrand, this case study magazine advertisement promotes their new tagline, “Step Into The Dark,” and slogan, “We begin and end our lives in the dark, what will you do in between?” The scene shows the remnants of Kraken Fest, with Polaroids, a hotel key, foreign currency, and a bottle of limited edition Kraken Black Roast Coffee Rum. It leaves you wondering if they belong to someone in the photos, or to the Kraken itself?

The Kraken ad scene was staged using items I found around my house and real bottle, photographed by me in my living room.

Article on left page spotlights fabric designer Giueseppe A. Ribauddo and his beautiful designs and photographs. This is an excerpt from a brief interview I did with the artist.


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