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Reaper Miniatures Expo Booth

Modular expo booth design for hobby miniature painting company.


Reaper Miniatures

Project Type

Expo Booth

Case Study Goals

Design an expo booth for a brand of your choosing. Include considerations for branding, retail sales, space usage and flow, and ambiance. Project budget is unlimited.

Modular Expo Booth

Reaper Miniatures is a boutique manufacturer of miniature figurines and paints for use with table top and role playing games, or just as a hobby. Reaper also provides countless educational resources to learn to paint, including YouTube and Twitch streams, an active community forum, and Learn to Paint kits which include everything you need to follow along with a video lesson.

Drawing on the modular nature of table top gaming terrain tiles, this expo booth was designed to be rearrangeable; components can be configured to different floor plans, accommodating the needs of various events and spaces. It is also designed to be fully disassembled and reassembled “Ikea Style” for shipping and storage. Additional merchandise storage would be built into the corner units, accessible from the rear of the structure during the expo or event.

Retail Shelving with Storage

As an online retailer of miniature figurines and paints, being able to display and sell merchandise is a must. All shelving units come equipped with slat boards on the back walls to hang j-hooks or glass shelves to meet the needs of a particular event. A built in drawer allows additional product to be stored on the booth floor.

Painting Tutorial Videos

One of Reaper’s main resources is their comprehensive library of mini painting tutorials. TVs are installed on the walls of the 20’x20′ booth with clips from their videos played on a loop to draw awareness of this service. The clips featured are the companion videos to the Learn to Paint Kits for sale in the next display case. Beneath the TV is a set of low profile postcard holders with a free event-specific postcard. Corner units with rear accessible storage shown here in the center of the image.

The Swag Game

Everyone loves getting swag from events, and the Swag Game allows visitors to play a quick 5-second game to win a branded prize. Visitors have the opportunity to roll a dice through a dice tower built into the faux stone fireplace; a hole in the fireplace leads down a tiny staircase inside the hearth, randomizing the roll. Low numbers yield simple prizes like stickers or dice, high roles earn you better stuff like paint pokey tools or limited edition paint colors. Built in, numbered shelves flank the sides of the fireplace to store the swag items.


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